How to Make the World a Better Place

If you ask people if they want to make the world even a little bit cleaner, kinder, they answer without hesitation – “Yes! But.”. As “buts” they usually say something like “you can not change anything alone”, “I will not affect anything by myself”, etc. It is possible to make a significant contribution to the present and future of the planet and make the world better now.

A Little Bit about Motivation

Making the world better is important not only for the planet but for ourselves! We are used to belittling our role in the scale of the city, country, planet, universe. Such depreciation plays an evil role – without seeing the results of one’s contribution, considering oneself as a sort of microparticle, people lose motivation to do anything.

Usually, activists and various social organizations try to raise people’s motivation with slogans that “one will start, and millions will come together”. It sounds beautiful, but it does not catch. This is because these slogans are an appeal to a sense of duty, too high-flown (albeit important) Ideas and ideals, to the “spirit of the warrior”, which in modern society is almost gone.

Many believe that if you do not perform an important mission, you can drop your hands and do nothing. The main motivation should be personal self-satisfaction, realization, a sense of inner warmth; that is – “doing for myself, I help the planet”. In practice, this is realized simply: every day one has to do something that makes this world better a little bit. This is not at all difficult. It does not take time, energy, money – everything is simple and free; everyone can feel the same involvement; the pleasant realization that he is doing something useful and important.

Do Not Use Disposable Dishes

Created for convenience and time saving, disposable tableware does not really improve but destroys the world. It is made mainly of polystyrene and polypropylene. This is a harmful chemical production, which clogs air and soil with emissions.

After using a glass for just a minute, we throw it away but it not only caused damage to the environment by its production but also almost does not decompose – getting into the ground, plastic releases toxic substances, which then, along with the chain, contaminate plants, animals, and humans, too.

The period of decomposition of plastic, depending on external conditions, takes 100-1000 years! For reuse, it also does not suit, as it loses its qualities and becomes harmful to the body.

As a result, plastic rubbish is scattered all over the planet. 10% of the plastic produced sooner or later will be thrown into the ocean, and this is 10 million tons. A plastic cup is not worth such a sacrifice. It’s not difficult to make this gift to the world and do not use disposable dishes in the office, at home, and on vacation. In the office one can use a mug, take with a convenient cookware (not from plastic) for picnics. It is not difficult to make such a decision. After all, we did this before the “era of plastic glass.”

Do Not Throw Garbage Anywhere

The garbage that a modern person leaves behind is usually toxic and harmful, nothing can be done about it! But from the garbage can, it gets to the dumps specially allocated for it, if not recyclable; and it’s a pity that this piece of land under the dump will completely die out.

Air and soil are polluted. More environmentally friendly ways of dealing with garbage exist, but it will take many years for them to become a common practice. And at the present stage, there is no other way. But if I throw garbage on the ground in the woods or leave some garbage on the beach, it’s on my personal recognition. This is no longer a society we have, not the modern world, which sacrificed civilization’s total pollution of the planet -this is a matter of exclusively personal responsibility.

Use the Car Only If Necessary

The car is great! Its invention is a breakthrough. With the help of it, everyone can quickly move between cities and even countries, travel comfortably and see their relatives more often, buy food for a week or a whole month, rather than spend time on small purchases every day. Thanks to machines, we can in winter eat fruits and vegetables brought from neighboring countries. This is one side of the coin. And on the other, cars pollute the world in which we live. They gas the air, burn a huge amount of oil products, are the cause of “noise pollution”, which is harmful to animals and people.

It does not need to turn into a fanatic and call everyone to abandon the car. Everyone understands that it is not comfortable to live without a car in a large city but it also does not need to go over to the other side of fanaticism and ride a car anytime and anywhere. Everyone has legs, with the help of which everyone can walk on foot. And there are bicycles, rollers and fashionable scooters, which can also diversify the ways of movement.

Do Not Buy or Accept Flowers as a Gift (Except for Meadow Flowers)

This may not seem logical, but there is a connection between a bouquet of flowers and the purity of the planet. In one of the countries of Africa, entrepreneurs began to grow flowers, which was welcomed by local residents who live in the poor, because they have a job. But this innocent flower industry has hit the ecology. Flowers were treated with powerful fertilizers with chemicals, which affected everything in a standard chain; as a result – the death of some plants and animals, contaminated drinking water.

Take Care of Resources

It is not difficult to use several plastic bags and a large eco-bag from Ikea. Everyone can put products in the store in such packages, that is, try not to use new packages every time. Doing homework, it is possible to use drafts for reprinting but not the clean pieces of paper every time. Glass and steel tubes for cocktails have already appeared. One can buy one such a reusable tube instead of plastic disposable and it is possible to give dozens of such examples!

It is very important that when you start thinking about these things, many people in your environment also start to do, and then also their acquaintances begin to do the same. That is in such a simple way you can run a big flywheel of good.