Argumentative writing is one of the most useful college assignments. It trains students to form their standpoints based on the thorough matter research, express them consistently and supply required evidence to procure their validity. The purpose of this essay type is to make reviewers alter their opinion on the subject to the writer’s one applying facts and emotions as convincing remedies.

Nonetheless, academic writing only is an associate of any examination. That’s why the global goal that should be achieved is to select or come up with an acceptable for the majority issue resolution. This circumstance is reflected in the availability of various writing strategies for argumentative essays.

What is a Rogerian argument?

One of the material delivery examples is a Rogerian argument. Its term is denominated after Carl Rogers, American psychologist, and was mentioned for the first time in the work Rhetoric: Discovery and Change by Young R., Becker A. and Pike K. in 1970. It’s a parleying strategy which primary objective is to reach an agreement that will lead to a generic issue resolution without any inappropriate methods.

This rhetoric presents contrary affirmations impartially to emphasize their consideration in the writer’s opinion. It distinguishes a mutual background of both viewpoints that should become a fundament for the eventual concent. This persuasion kind is also used in psychology and known as empathic listening.

Authors should assure the audience with the successive arguments to attain the fundamental aim of Rogerian argument writing:

  • Assurance. Inform readers that they are heard, and their allegations are comprehended.
  • Support. Indicate the reasonableness of the opposed attitude.
  • Similarity. Represent your and opponents resemblance of principles and intentions.

This rhetoric presentation usually doesn’t adhere to the standard framework since its instruments of persuasion are too dogmatic and used to initiate disputes based on differences of views and impose writers’ opinion.

How to start a Rogerian essay

Any writing preamble should be executed after the whole statement is completed to introduce it accurately and favorably. Writers can implement that by opening with a citation, a factoid or a brief story that will grasp the audience attention. They should more extensively formulate the topic here than within a title by detecting the investigated field range, the subject specifics and outlining the statement angle.

The introduction should set the moderately persuasive toning of the content and the suitable for the calm but effective discussion ambiance. Avoid phrases that jeopardize or condemn the opposite positions not to repel the audience initially. Emphasize the subject significance to increase the essay value and earn this way more advertence and appreciation.

How to write the main part of a Rogerian essay

The writing aspects like language style and content structuring should represent the author’s tolerance towards their opponents. It should be reflected in impersonal delivery and precise wording of all standpoints. Avoid manipulations whether for showing your dissent with the other side or pushing readers to the agreement not to make your honesty and aspirations actuality questionable.

Commence with an issue background that has stimulated you to come up with this particular opinion. Give a hint at the likeness of both views origins. Presenting your statement employ a neutral, diplomatic language. Develop the argumentation consistently to represent your viewpoint entirely because any left-out gap can become a source of doubts.

In a Rogerian essay, evidence performs only a basis function, not a convincing one. It highlights the concept of validity and applicability. Along with proofs, you should formulate the acknowledgment of reverse standpoints and their possession of the mentioned attributes in particular situations.

The next step is to establish the explicit connection between both affirmations and specify how the agreement founded on it can be reached. Albeit writers who apply Rogerian rhetorics in every way show respect and understanding to the opposed side, they shouldn’t surrender to their beliefs. There are two desired outcomes: whether an author’s opinion is fully and voluntarily accepted or the third one that consists of both assertions aspects is created and approved jointly.

How to conclude a Rogerian essay

The final section of the paper includes the statement summary with its essential clauses underlining. It should guide the negotiation process to the end and stimulate the audience to make a deliberate decision. To complete the issue picture, a writer should show its perspectives and aftermaths of the available resolutions application.

The conclusions should mostly be focused on the presenting of a writer’s statement. But they shouldn’t be much more radical than the other chapters concerning other standpoints on the matter. Concentrate more on your openness to suggestions and the possibility to discover a problem solution together.

Outline example

As its writing style, a Rogerian essay pattern differs by its content flexibility. Review the following draft instance that is based on the classical three-section structure.


  1. Specify the topic by indicating its origins and aspects that will be discussed.
  2. Present the subject as the problem that requires a resolution as soon as possible.
  3. Provide facts and statistics to emphasize the solution necessity.

Main Body

  1. Start with an opposed standpoint representation to underline that you respect, consider and comprehend it. Be attentive and precise to avoid misunderstandings and accusations of inequity.
  2. Paint s picture: in which surroundings the other opinion is valid and feasible for employment. Persuade the readers that you understand the significance of this viewpoint under these conditions.
  3. Consistently and fairly state your angle on the matter. Apply rhetorical tools and fitting arguments to show that you are an open-minded, competent writer and they can confide in your position as well as you trust in theirs.
  4. Widen readers’ horizons by showing an environment that is required for your idea successful implementation and possibilities that it will bring. Emphasize both concepts similarities to make the familiarization process more smooth and straightforward.
  5. Present a new role for your position. Outline your angle benefits for each opponent and globally turning it into a pledge of a better tomorrow. Don’t overdo because this way your promise will sound false.


  1. Summarize the content balancing between discussed viewpoints.
  2. Determine the availability of the third one and specify its peculiarities and advantages.
  3. Show all ideas perspectives evidently not giving an edge to anyone.
  4. Induce an argumentable discussion that should lead to the most appropriate problem resolution.

A Rogerian argument essay is only the fundament for an answer discovery for a routine or burning question. But as any groundwork, it should be solid and completely correspond with its purpose.

Writers should be ready to defend respectfully their position also verbally. Considering that people have various temperaments, the paper should supply a tolerant and yet convincing statement to simplify that procedure. A writing goal can be counted as achieved if it has made a significant contribution to the issue resolution even if it’s found years later.